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Robert Dold

Republican, Running for Congress



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    The Man: Robert Dold is the Republican candidate running for Mark Kirk’s coveted congressional seat in the North Shore 10th district.  The Evanston native and father of three is president of the family owned business, Rose Pest Solutions.

    Endorsed by Republican celebs like Rudy Guiliani and Mark Kirk, Dold is presenting himself as a moderate reaching out to both the right and left.  For instance, he’s pro-choice but opposes partial birth abortions while supporting parental notification laws. 

    The Knock: Dold has recently been making headlines for questions pertaining to his residency and where he voted, questions which were forwarded to the Cook County State's Attorney's office for review, according to the Sun-Times.  However, the state's attorney later told the Daily Herald there was no investigation.  His campaign says there is no violation, and says that he is a registered voter and a permanent resident in Winnetka, inside the 10th district.

    His down the middle stance on hot issues are not without consequences; Planned Parenthood has openly blasted him and thrown their full support behind his opponent. 

    The Strategy: Dold will have to stop trying to please everyone and focus on building a strong base before Nov. 2.

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