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Get Your Obama Tickets

And get ready to drive 5½ hours



    Get Your Obama Tickets
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    President Barack Obama will fly into Quincy, Ill., on Wednesday.

    President Barack Obama is returning to Illinois this week, but only barely.

    On Wednesday, the president will stop on the state's western edge to "share ideas for rebuilding our economy in the long term," according to a White House release.

    The president will deliver his remarks in Quincy, Ill., which is about a 5½ hour drive from Chicago. All you Obama devotees, start packing now. You'll need to get in line on Tuesday at the Oakley Lindsay Civic Center for the first-come, first-serve tickets. On Wednesday, the civic center's doors will open to the ticketed public at 1 p.m. for the 4 p.m. event.

    Earlier in the day Wednesday, the president will tour the Poet biorefining plant in Macon, Mo., and he'll likely share some homespun wisdom gleaned from the ethanol producers during his speech in Quincy.