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Brady GOP Win Likely Unless Dillard Spends Cash

Dillard's down by 400, and a recount would be expensive



    Brady GOP Win Likely Unless Dillard Spends Cash
    Does nice-guy Bill Brady, the likely Republican governor candidate have what it takes to tear down the Democratic political establishment? Does the state senator have the name recognition to take on Quinn?

    It can't get much closer than this -- just 400 some votes separate State Sens Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard in their bid to become the GOP Governor's nominee.

    But it's looking more and more like Brady will come out ahead.

    Every absentee and provisional votes must be in by February 16th  The election results will be certified a week later. But the numbers are the numbers. 

    And even if Brady has only a 400 vote advantage, the difference may be too great for Dillard to ask for a recount. Not only would Dillard be required to pay -- and the prospect is expensive -- he'd have to prove fraud or tampering with the vote. No easy task.

    Brady's primary win -- in a field of six candidates -- shows he took 76 of the state's 102 counties.  Much of Brady's support was downstate.  In Cook County, Brady received only 5 percent of the vote.  

    As for the GOP Lieutenant Governor nominee, Jason Plummer, there's no "Cohen-headaches" in his close victory.  

    Plummer, a 27-year old Edwardsville businessman, is a first time candidate for public office and spent more than one million of his own money on the primary.