13 Top Investigative Stories of 2013

NBC Investigates grew up in 2013. NBC 5 added reporters and producers to its division and hit the streets with a goal of uncovering even more stories that affect Chicagoans in ways large and small. Here's a collection of our favorites.

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Down The Tube
nPace Bus employees had been wasting hours upon hours of tax payer funded work time watching silly YouTube videos. Dick Johnson reported in partnership with the BGA. Watch It Again.
One Day Pass
nThe CTA raised rates on its one-day rail passes and said the rates would only affect tourists. Carol Marin reports that isn't the case. Watch It Again.
Tipsy Cops
nThe Westchester police department allows for a generous Blood Alcohol Content for their officers on the job. Phil Rogers and the BGA reports. Watch It Again.
Exploiting Sara
Marion Brooks speaks with a victim of human trafficking, who worked as a prostitute against her will for a convicted pimp. Watch It Again.
Tipsy Medics, too?,br>nFollowing up on a previous story about officers who imbibe, Phil Rogers learns that emergency responders enjoy similar alcohol permissions in their contracts. Watch It Again.
Who's Driving the Kids?
Every day, hundreds of Chicago-area children are transported to school not in cars or buses, but alone with cab drivers, in taxicabs hired by school districts. But a six-month investigation by NBC Chicago has found that dozens of those school taxi drivers have criminal histories, ranging from public indecency and domestic battery, to soliciting a prostitute and even child sexual assault. Watch It Again.
Amusement Ride
nA group of former Six Flags Great America employees have raised serious questions about the way first aid is delivered by the Gurnee park, NBC5 Investigates has found. Watch It Again.
Kelsy's Law,
An accident on a suburban Grundy County road in 2012 changed several teenagers' lives as well as a change in the way first-time drivers in Illinois are licensed. Watch It Again.
Shattered Glass
many consumers have been hurt when tempered glass items like shower doors containing a microscopic flaw created during the manufacturing process blew up. Watch It Again.
Cop TheftPolice took Jose Aguirre's car, without warning, as evidence in a murder case he had nothing to do with. Watch It Again.
Advocate Condell Medical Center
Roadside Babies
More babies are being delivered in places like parking lots and gas stations and the deliveries are performed by people other than doctors, nurses and mid-wives. Watch It Again.
Expensive Police Officer
Court filings show Markham and Harvey police departments paid millions of dollars to settle complaints involving Anthony Debois. Watch Phil Rogers Report Again.
Lusts A Problem,/strong>
Leaking underground storage tanks that are scattered across Chicago and its suburbs may be leaving toxic patches of soil in neighborhoods around northern Illinois. Are you in danger? Watch It Again.
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