Why Green Became a Symbol of Abortion Rights Fight

The color green is often spotted on abortion rights demonstrators. Here's a quick look at why

supreme court abortion greenn june 24 2022
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

A number of people are spotted wearing green or waving green flags at abortion rights demonstrations.

After the Supreme Court's landmark ruling Friday eliminating the federal right to abortion, a pro-abortion-rights advocate scaled one of the arches of D.C.’s Frederick Douglass Bridge and flew a green banner.

Why is green a symbol of abortion rights?

This color choice is no accident, as it is a symbol of similar movements previously held in other countries. The Latin American abortion rights movement, also known as the "green tide" or "green wave" has roots in Argentina.  

Marta Alanis, founder of Catholics for the Right to Decide, proposed wearing a green scarf as a "symbol of hope, health, life" at the 18th National Women's Meeting in Argentina in 2003.

Soon after, green scarves, flags, T-shirts and posters were seen during demonstrations and protests.

With influence from Argentina, many Americans are moving to create their own "green wave," making the color green an international symbol of the fight for abortion rights.

The U.S. group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights is among those that have embraced the use of green. 

“A sea of green will display our cause and our determination to the world,” they said before demonstrations earlier this year. 

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