What about Antennas?

Will I need a special antenna to receive DTV over-the-air?

In general, dependable reception of over-the-air digital TV programming will require the same type of signal reception equipment that currently works to provide good quality reception of analog TV programming. If you need a roof-top antenna to receive analog TV broadcasts, the same antenna generally will work to receive digital TV broadcasts. You should not have to purchase new antennas that are marketed as “digital ready” or “HD ready.”

You do, however, need the special digital converter box.

I have an old antenna that attaches to my TV with two wires. Will I be able to use a converter box with this antenna?

Yes, but you may need to get an antenna adapter (also called a “balun”) to which you will connect your antenna on one end, and then connect the balun to your converter box. You will then need a second adapter to connect to the converter box with a length of antenna wire to connect to your TV.

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