Test Footage of “The Goon”–Not to Be Confused With “Goon”–Hits Web

Last summer came word that David Fincher was interested in producing a big-screen adaptation of the Eric Powell comic book "The Goon," a blend of the paranormal, comedy, action and sci-fi. There was even a trailer featuring the voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti. While there's been little movement on the project since then, today brings some new test footage, via Powell's twitter feed.

We love the old-timey look and feel, and Clancy Brown's voice as the titular Goon is a perfect match. Paul Giamatt's character, Frankie, gets short shrift here, for a better taste of the two of them together, check out the trailer from last summer: 

The animation is being done by Blur Studios, the same folks working on the remake of "Heavy Metal." Now if they could just get some money together to make the rest of "The Goon"...

Hat tip: Empire

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