Study finds Southern accent is most attractive in America. Here are other dialects that made the list

Believe it or not, the "Miami" accent was among the top 10.

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French might be the language of love, but did you know the Miami accent was deemed among the most attractive in the country?

A study conducted by consumer opinion platform Brandwatch, commissioned by the online casino and sportsbook review website, asked a large portion of the internet which accents they found the most attractive.

A "social listening" research study collected data between Feb. 2023 and Feb. 2024, to find out which accents are the most attractive across the U.S. The "Southern" accent was by far the most attractive with more than 75,000 mentions online. "New York" came in second place and "Californian" came in third.

Top 10 most attractive accents in America, according to the study

  1. Southern - 76,950 mentions
  2. New York - 70,460 mentions
  3. Californian - 45,360 mentions
  4. Texan - 42,330 mentions
  5. Boston - 34,110 mentions
  6. Midwestern - 33,000 mentions
  7. Miami - 21,450 mentions
  8. Chicago - 20,990 mentions
  9. Minnesotan - 16,160 mentions
  10. New Orleans - 15,590 mentions

The study analyzed the top 50 most common accents in the U.S. and Brandwatch highlighted every time an accent was mentioned online over the course of a year.

The data was broken down by how many times an online post praised the accent in some way.

Any post mentioning the accent alongside words such as "attractive," "sexy," "charming" or the like was counted to create the final number.

The higher the figure, the more attractive the accent.

At the bottom of the list, however were Minnesotan with about 16,000 mentions and New Orleans with nearly 15,600 mentions.

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