Porn Star Ron Jeremy “Finding Bliss” with Clothes On

With a part in "Finding Bliss," adult movie legend Ron Jeremy is still seeking to show the world that he can do mainstream movies.

Even as "Bliss" depicts the life of a aspiring director (Leelee Sobieski)  who is forced to edit adult movies for a day job, Jeremy manages to stay fully clothed on camera --  while mainstream actors like Jamie Kennedy take it all off.

"In 'Finding Bliss' I spend my entire scene on stage in a tuxedo," Jeremy tells PopcornBiz of the moving opening on Friday. "I actually kind of prefer it that way."

Jeremy has consulted Hollywood cast and directors during the odd foray into the adult world. On "Boogie Nights" he received a consulting credit and recalls that most every cast member sat in on one of his adult film sets to get an idea of the real world they were about to portray.

"They all showed up except for Burt Reynolds. He didn't think he needed to," Jeremy laughs. "Julianne Moore was a good sport. She was in this small hotel room and had to keep moving out of the way of camera so she wouldn't end up in the shot."

He even gave consulting time to Jamie Kennedy who plays a dimwitted porn star in "Finding Bliss."

"I gave him the ins and outs of the business," says Jeremy.

"Bliss" director Julie Davis says she wanted to give Jeremy a bigger part in the movie, but he's actually too well-known to play a adult film character other than himself. "There wasn't a part for him, because he's so famous," says Davis. "He has to play himself."

But Jeremy points to at least three films that he's appeared in with his clothes fully intact which live on -- "Detroit Rock City" (1999), "Orgasmo" (1997) and "Boondock Saints" (1999).

"These are three films I did that I kept my clothes on and they are huge films," says Jeremy. "They are cult films."

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