New Video Shows Fierce Gunbattle as Oklahoma Troopers Chase, Kill Murder Suspect Michael Vance

Michael Dale Vance was wanted in the shootings of two police officers

Associated Press

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of high-powered rifle shots were exchanged as three Oklahoma state troopers chased down double-murder suspect Michael Dale Vance and killed him, according to extraordinary video of the confrontation released Tuesday.

Vance, 38, was wanted in the shootings of two police officers in Wellston, northeast of Oklahoma City, and the deaths of his aunt and uncle, Robert and Kay Wilkson, on Oct. 23, NBC News reported.

He eluded authorities for a week — live-streaming his getaway on Facebook — before he was shot and killed Sunday night near Leedey, Oklahoma.

In video released Tuesday, Vance's truck begins to slow, and it eventually stops. A shadowy figure — Vance, in the night-vision-enhanced video — emerges from the truck walking backward in a crouch, with what appears to be a rifle pointed back at the pursuing troopers.

More bullet casings fly around in the foreground. The figure then collapses in a heap.

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