Lindsay Lohan Talks Life Under House Arrest

She may not be behind bars, but Lindsay Lohan is feeling the full impact of her house arrest.

"I’m a very social person, and I like being outside, especially in Venice Beach. I’d like to get out more — just going out and having dinner,” she tells "Life & Style" in her first interview since her sentence began in May 26th

Despite living in a 3,000 square-foot Venice Beach mansion worth $2.25 million, Lohan says she misses her freedom.

“I was really upset not being able to go to my little brother’s birthday party," she says. "He just turned 16. That bummed me out.”

Not that Lohan isn't keeping busy. In addition to a revolving door of friends and family coming to see her ("When my friends come over, they’re not drinking,” she insists. "Alcohol is not in my house, so it’s just not a part of my life.”), the actress is taking meetings and even filming commercials.

Lohan claims the experience has forced her to mature, and that she feels "grown up" and "willing to work hard" to regain her career and some level of professional respect.

Although when asked if her much publicized nightclub outings are a thing of the past, the 24 year old could only say: "I don't think you should ever say never."

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