Leslie Jones Talks Fashion at ‘Ghostbusters' Premiere: “It Takes a Real Designer to Design for Real Women”

Jones says "real people" have to speak up

Leslie Jones wants to change the way fashion designers treat "real women."

The "Ghostbusters" star spoke to E! News' Erin Lim at the movie's L.A. premiere, where she slayed in a red Christian Siriano gown after tweeting last month that designers did not want to help her with a dress for the event. Siriano had offered his help soon after she posted her message, which was met with mixed reactions and has refueled public debate about high fashion's body standards.

"It takes a real designer to design for real women," Jones told Lim exclusively while also wearing accessories from Neiman Marcus. "That's what I was saying. I'll always say that."

Siriano had praised the actress, SNL cast member and standup comedienne's look at the premiere, saying on Instagram, "Now that's how you do it! You look stunning Leslie! Simple, elegant, powerful and chic!!"

Leslie Jones Turns Heads in Red Gown at Ghostbusters Premiere After Designer Ordeal

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Jones had echoed similar comments while talking about the issue at large during E! News' Facebook Live chat with the "Ghostbusters" cast last week.

"I've been six feet tall since the sixth grade," she told moderator Marc Malkin. "It was always hard for me to find clothes. So for the industry not to make clothes for me, the average woman that actually goes into the store and buys them, yeah, it kinda pisses me off a little bit. And I'm not saying that there's nothing wrong with being curvy, 'cause I'm a size, like, 10. I mean, I used to be a 14."

Jones says "real people" have to speak up because they are spending money too. 

"It's a very strange thing," co-star Melissa McCarthy added. "I've always been bewildered that, I think 72 percent of the American population is, I think, a 14 or above...I'm always bewildered; what other business goes, 'Is it the majority? I'm for sure gonna keep you out.' I mean, I started a clothing line 'cause I couldn't shop, I couldn't get stuff, I had to have all my stuff made and I thought, 'This is madness.'"

"We come in every shape, size, color, height and everything and they should serve that," she added.

Jones also wants to change the status quo when it comes to fashion inventory for women with average or larger than average figures.

"I believe that the craziest...most wrong statement that can be made is, 'That's just how it is," the actress said. "That's just gonna kill us. There's no such thing as that. Stop accepting that. It's not just the way it is. Say something."

--Additional reporting by Marc Malkin

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