“Latin American Idol” Judge Jon Secada Makes Final Pitch for Howard Stern

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Jon Secada has two Grammys and four years of judging "Latin American Idol" to his name. So when the "Just Another Day" singer gives an opinion on who should judge "American Idol" you have to listen.

Secada is still all about Howard Stern filling the spot vacated by Simon Cowell.

"I think Howard Stern would be perfect for the chair," Secada tells PopcornBiz. "Simon is gone. If you're going to replace him with someone with that kind of edge, Howard is great."

It'll take a big personality to fill Simon's shoes, Secada said. "It should be someone with a hard-edged personality who is controversial," he says. "He's going to say how he feels."

The latest reports have Elton John and Justin Timberlake in pole positions, and Stern's candidacy has fallen out of favor after a few breathy weeks of excitement. But no decision has been made, so it's anyone's ball game. Singers as diverse as Engelbert Humperdinck and Bret Michaels have lobbied for the position.

As for Secada, he had "four wonderful years" in the version of the show that was broadcast all over Latin America. While he insists he was "half Randy and half Paula" in his own judging, that edge kicked in for him as well.

"I did have a touch of Simon," says Secada. "Sometimes you have to make the tough comment."

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