Kendall Jenner Tweets Support for Lamar Odom, L.A. Lakers Broadcaster Mychal Thompson Says Team Is ‘Currently Praying’

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People continue to show their support for Lamar Odom while he remains hospitalized in Las Vegas.

Kris Jenner has been spotted looking somber outside of the medical center. She posted a message on Instagram asking for prayers for "ourfighter." Another member of the Kardashian-Jenner family is showing concern: Kendall Jenner. The supermodel turned to Twitter Wednesday morning. "Please don't go," she tweeted. Rob Kardashian also took to social media, saying that he's "praying nonstop for my brother" on his Instagram feed.

The E! network says it's not filming the Kardashians or Odom during this ordeal.

Many NBA stars and other celebrities have turned to social media to wish Odom the best and pray for his recovery. The Miami Heat team, where Odom played one season, and fellow NBA star Shaquille O'Neal also took to Twitter to express their support. But it's the Los Angeles Lakers, Lamar's former team, who are really focusing on their teammate right now.

Mychal Thompson, former Laker, father of NBA star Klay Thompson and current Lakers broadcaster tells E! News that the team is keeping Odom in their thoughts at all times. "We are all currently praying for Lamar and wish him the best," Thompson said.

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"The team hasn't made an announcement yet. We've just seen the reports on the Internet and our prayers are with Lamar and his family."

The 60-year-old retired basketball star also says that many of the players are going to travel to the hospital to visit their friend when they get the chance. "I'm sure if the guys get a day off, like Kobe [Bryant], Metta [World Peace] and some of the guys, first chance they get they will try to see him I would imagine," he explains.

With last night's game, however, Thompson admits he hasn't had a chance to get in touch with the players directly just yet. "I haven't talked to any of the players about it yet, but I am sure that we are going to be talking about it on the plane," he says.

In a post-game interview, Nick Young opened up about the shocking news, which the team heard right before the game began. "It's sad man, it's tough. I think that you know, people who are real close to him finding out before tip off, like family finding out, it's tough," he said.

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"You still gotta go out and play. You know, my prayers go out to him. Hopefully he'll get the help he needs."

Lakers Head Coach Byron Scott also expressed his concern for Lamar and said he found out about his hospitalization from Lakers trainer Gary Vitti. "You know obviously our hearts and our thoughts are with Lamar and his family," he said.

"Obviously I wish him all the best. Obviously something that you don't want to hear before a game, but you know the people that knew about it, we were all thinking about him.

"And I don't know Lamar that well," he continued. "I just know in the past, talking to him a few times on occasion I really thought he was a terrific young man. So obviously I feel for him and I hope he'll be OK."

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