Justin Bieber's Life is Told in a Comic Book

Normal 0 Justin Bieber will be making an appearance at a store near you, but don’t get worked up running out the door now to catch him in person.

The pop singer will be depicted in a comic book biography, Billboard.com reported. Due out in October, the comic book, published by Bluewater Productions, will cover Bieber’s career from how he got discovered, through his appearances on "The Tonight Show" and "Ellen," to him being Usher’s protégé.

"Justin has an enormous global fan base,” the book’s writer, Tara Broeckel Ooten, told Billboard. “That and his talent will give him real staying power."

Darren Davis, Bluewater Productions founder, said: “(Justin) has a cool story, having started off on YouTube. For being so young, he’s a trailblazer.”

Bluewater Productions have also published other graphic biographies such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. The Vancouver company’s aim for its biographies is to get youngsters to read.

Billboard.com also reported that the company will publish a comic book on Olivia Newton-John and is thinking about Beyonce and 50 Cent as possible subjects.

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