Medical Group Digs Up 50-Year-Old Measles PSA

"Measles Message from the ISMS Vault is Spot On Today," was uploaded this week

The Illinois State Medical Society on Thursday posted to YouTube a public service announcement that was created 50 years ago to urge parents to vaccinate their children for measles.

The video "Measles Message from the ISMS Vault is Spot On Today" was uploaded the same day that several children were confirmed to have contracted the virus at a suburban day care facility.

Just 10 cases of measles have been reported in Illinois over the last five years, IDPH Director Nirav Shah said recently. As of Thursday, diagnoses for two children were confirmed and three other cases were likely, based on symptoms. Another 10 children at the facility were at risk of contracting measles.

Those cases come on top of an adult case that was confirmed last week.

There so far is no link between the child and adult cases, and there is no link to the multi-state outbreak associated with Disneyland, which as of Thursday had grown to 87 patients. 

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