Derrick Rose on Marisa Miller: Huh Huh Huh

In a brief practice court announcement today, Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller nominated Derrick Rose as one of Chicago's sexiest athletes.

Wearing glossy black heels and, sadly, actual clothes, Miller presented Rose with the nomination for "What's Sexy Now: Chicago Athlete" award.

Rose, who's still recovering from an ankle injury, received a Bulls jersey. The name on the back read "Sexy."

"My teammates gon' be jealous," a beaming, chuckling Rose said.

Miller said confidence was a big reason why Rose received the nomination.

"And obviously, if you're an athlete you have to have a mental toughness, you have to have stamina, and y'know, a good physique right," she said.

And apparently a tendency to repeatedly injure your ankle?

Anyway, Miller -- who you could just tell wanted to rip off her baby tee and jeans and start catwalking around the court while a large industrial fan blew her Pureology-scented hair in rhythmic syncopation to Firehouse's "Don't Treat Me Bad," thus fulfilling the fantasies of every greying, oafish beat reporter resigned to covering the exploits of more hyper-thyroidal men-children and also probably so dissatisfied with their own sexual prospects that Cialis commercials are a cruel joke and who are even now lying on their Cheezits-stained couch imagining the slim concavity of Miller's lower back while trying to ignore, upstairs, the high-pitched mewling of children who want daddy to read a story  -- decided to shoot some hoops with D-Rose.

So that was cute.

I'm out.

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