Clinton: ‘I Have References' for President Job Position

Hillary Clinton appeared flippant with the Republican presidential debate and considered her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

“I love to fast forward through it,” Clinton said of the Republican Debate that aired earlier that night. She also said that she would not bother watching the debate.

"You'll do anything to not watch the Republican debates?" host Jimmy Fallon asked.

"I think you nailed that," Clinton responded.

Clinton rolled her eyes at Fallon's mention of Donald Trump and said, "He is a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him."

Fallon then suggested a drinking game: every time the Republicans mention you, "do a shot."

"I don't think I'd make it past the first half hour," Clinton said.

When asked if she was worried about the recent polls showing Sanders edging Clinton out in early states, she admitted it was "a tight race" but she said that polls at this point are "artificial." 

But Clinton became serious on the subject of the presidency.

"This is not a job they give away,” she said “You really do have to work hard for it and it is the hardest job in the world so I get up every day and go right at it," the former secretary of state said Thursday.”
And Fallon interviewed Clinton for the job, as he did recently with Donald Trump when the Republican candidate was a guest on the show.

During the mock interview Clinton said she first heard about the job in the 4th grade and has been preparing for a very long time.

“I have the experience and qualification to tackle the range of challenges this job presents,” she said. “I have references.”

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