Chicago Police Files Found in Wisconsin Cemetery

Records date back to 2001, cemetery manager says

Chicago Police Department documents, some of them marked as confidential, were found this week in a trash bin in a Wisconsin cemetery.

The manager of Prairie Home Cemetery, in Waukesha, just west of Milwaukee, said the binders contained photos of crime suspects and descriptions.

"The contents had what looked to be a publication of some sorts that said 'police confidential,'” explained manager David Brenner.

He said there were between six and eight of them, each about two inches thick.

"These were records from 2001 [and] 2002, just lots and lots of these," he said.

Chicago police officials said the reports don't contain any sensitive information but it still wasn't clear Wednesday evening who threw them out. A department spokesman said the documents appear to be old reference material, possibly study guides for police sergeants.

Anyone with information about the binders should contact the Waukesha Police Department at 262-524-3833.


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