South Korea

South Korea in 360°

The Olympics are an opportunity for a host country to showcase its athletes, but also its culture. In 2018, all eyes are on South Korea and its rich history. NBC takes you beyond the displays at the opening and closing ceremonies, and into Seoul, Gangneung province and the Demilitarized Zone.


Although Korea’s civil war formally ended 65 years ago in an armistice, the tensions remain, taking physical shape with a border at the 38th parallel called the Demilitarized Zone. The area is considered an active war zone, but remains a popular destination for tourists. Experience some of the key sites within the Demilitarized Zone in 360.

The Joseon dynasty was the height of Korea’s empire and its legacy is preserved through a variety of heritage sites across the country. The Gyeongbokgung Palace was the seat of royal power and today is the home of the National Palace Museum of Korea. Take in the splendor of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest palace in Seoul.

The host city of Pyeongchang has brought thousands of foreigners into South Korea’s eastern provinces. South Korea hopes the Olympics will be an introduction to the country -- beyond its two main metropolitan areas -- which is dominated by rural life. Experience the bustle of Jumunjin port, just outside the second host city of Gangneung.

While South Korea is one of the most technologically savvy countries in the world, medieval dynasties are still reflected in the urban landscape and have ingrained a deep emphasis on tradition in Korean culture. Experience the serenity of a traditional Hanok village.

Get a 360-degree view of what it is like riding from Seoul to Gangneung, home of the Winter Olympic Park, on a bullet train.

You will find Woljeongsa in the forest east of Odaesan Mountain in South Korea. The temple dates back to around 600.

Seongyojang House in Gangneung, South Korea, is one of the most preserved original dwellings in all of the country.

The Demilitarized Zone, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jumunjin port and Hanok village were produced by Robert Hernandez, Lisa Rau, Billy Bjork and Jordan Winters.

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