Zoo: Not Enough Jobs for 1,000+ Applicants

Brookfield's seasonal spots to fill quickly

It's likely little comfort to Chicago's unemployed, but the job crisis has gained international attention with the British Broadcasting Corporation reporting on a job event in suburban Brookfield yesterday that attracted hundreds.

The BBC reported that more than 1,000 people lined up outside of Brookfield Zoo to apply for seasonal work as anything from a custodian to a tram driver. The jobs pay an average of $8 an hour.

"We had people here at the gate at 9:30 this morning and the job fair wasn't supposed to start until noon," Sani Dornhecker, from the zoo's human resources department, told ABC News on Tuesday.

The job fair came amid continuing bad news for the US economy; more than 600,000 jobs were lost in January alone as the country struggled with the global financial downturn.

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