You've Come a Long Way Baby!

Women in sports gather for seminar at WMAQ-TV

How do you handle working with athletes from around the world:  France, United Kingdom and Argentina?  
Why did women sportswriters use only the initials of their first name in their bylines 25 years ago?  What does a sportscaster do when they make a mistake on the air?  

These were just a few of the questions more than a dozen young girls asked three successful women in the Chicago Sports industry.  WMAQ-TV Sportscaster Peggy Kusinski, Chicago Tribune Sports Columnist Melissa Isaacson and Chicago Bulls Public Relations executive Sebrina Brewster gathered for a seminar with "Girls in the Game" on women leaders in sports.   The organization promotes sports and fitness opportunities for young girls throughout Chicagoland. 

No holds barred on these girls questions about just what made these women successful in an industry of men!  Look out Erin Andrews, these girls are after your job!


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