New Survey Reveals Halloween's Most Hated Candies

Illinois' favorite candy, KitKat bars, are not on the list of most hated in America

Every person in America has their favorite Halloween candy, but which sweet treats turn trick-or-treaters’ attitudes sour?

According to a new ranking released by Candystore.com, Circus Peanuts are the worst Halloween candy in America. The ranking was gleaned from 40,000 surveyed customers and other data from the website, and ruled that the candy, which dates back to the 19th century, is the worst of the bunch.

In second place is a candy that always stirs up controversy around Halloween, as candy corn is ranked as the second-worst treat. Think-pieces have been written defending the snack, but a good number of Halloween enthusiasts could care less for the colorful confection.

Wax cola bottles, Necco Wafers, and peanut butter kisses round out the top 5. Tootsie Rolls check in at number six, followed by Smarties, licorice, Good & Plenty, and Mary Jane’s.

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In terms of the best Halloween candies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups top the list for CandyStore, followed by Snickers and Twix.

Another survey by the candy enthusiast website ranked KitKat bars as Illinois’ favorite candy, with Sour Patch Kids and Reeses checking in at number two and three.

Iowa, on the other hand, loves its candy corn, and Hot Tamales reign supreme in Indiana.

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