Missing Woman's Body Identified by TV Show

A South Side woman's body sat in the morgue for a year before a TV show identified her for the family

A South Side woman's body has been identified by a TV series after a year of being in the morgue.

Carmelita Johnson was found dead on the beach along the 8500 block of South Green Bay Avenue in April 2010, the Chicago Tribune reports.

However, the family claims they were never notified of the found Jane Doe and only discovered Johnson had been found after viewing "The First 48 Hours: Missing" episode.  

Johnson's family told police she had a history of drugs, prostitution, and domestic battery but they are not sure who could have killed her. The family said Johnson was terrified of the water and never ventured to the beach.  

Johnson's family reported her missing on Jan 5, 2010. For the next year, the family continued to look for their relative. The family claimed the first detective assigned to the case said he would collect DNA samples and compare them to Jane Doe bodies in the morgue. The trail went cold for police and it was only when Det. Pamela Childs took over the case that DNA and dental records were collected.  

Johnson's family is very upset that it has taken police this long to identify their relative's body. In a press release the family said they are holding a press conference Tuesday at 3509 S. King Dr. Ste. 2B to tell their story to the public.    

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