Family Waits, Wonders After Body Found in Drain Pipe

The family of a woman who went missing in 2011 is anxious to learn the identity of a woman found in a drain pipe Wednesday in a Far South Side Morgan Park neighborhood.

A Chicago Water Department employee made the discovery in the area of West 107th Place and South Loomis Street.

It's only yards away from where Latasha Nevitt lived, a 30-year-old student at Everest University student who disappeared in 2011.

Nevitt's husband, Isaac, says he worked tirelessly to find his wife after she disappeared. He says she left to go to the store that day and never came back.

"(I'm) hoping it's not her. And if it's not, I'm still praying for the family or person of whoever it is," Isaac Nevitt said.

Isaac Nevitt acknowledged that some people pointed the finger at him when his wife first disappeared.

"That's the hard part. Everyone looked at me as a criminal back then, and now they're really looking at me as a criminal about it being on my block," Nevitt said. "I'm the one that put up all the fliers and been in all the places around here, from the low end to the 100s ... I'm the one who's been doing everything and talking to everybody."

The body was too frozen to conduct an autopsy on Thursday.

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