Police: Woman Sickened After Handling Possibly Drug-Laced Card

A downstate woman was sickened after she touched a drug-laced business card that was placed under her windshield wiper, according to police.

The incident occurred in Tilton, a town just east of Champaign. According to Tilton Police, the woman became “disoriented” after touching the card, which contained a white supremacist message, according to a Facebook post.

After testing the card for drugs, Tilton Police said that it was laced with multiple drugs, including ecstasy, and that they were forwarding it onto the Illinois State Crime Lab for further and more thorough testing:

“If anyone sees anything of this type on your windshield please take precautionary measures and wear rubber gloves or use a plastic bag to pick it up and throw it away,” Police Capt. Ryan Schull said on the department’s Facebook page.

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to call police.  

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