Who Stood Out in Ugly Bears Loss?

The Bears lost a horrible, terrible, no-good, very-bad game on Thursday night. But what players stood out?

Grizzly Bears:
The Bears who played like a 13-year-old cheddar -- deliciously.

Michael Bush: On a night with very few offensive bright spots, Bush stood out. He was able to get first downs when no one else on the Bears could and ably filled in for an injured Matt Forte. Now his signing makes a ton of sense.

Tim Jennings: The corner continues to outplay his size. He finished with five tackles, two broken up passes and an interception.

Julius Peppers: There's a reason why teams double and triple his coverage. He is comfortable playing inside or outside on the line, and sacked Aaron Rodgers twice.

Teddy Bears:
The players who were as stinky as moldy old cheese.

J'Marcus Webb: Giving up 3.5 sacks to Clay Matthews is not OK. Getting flagged for a false start and giving up silly yards is not OK. While Webb had a hard job in containing Matthews, he constantly says he's up to the task. He showed he was not on Thursday night.

Jay Cutler: Four interceptions are a game-killer. There is no getting around it. Cutler continued to make poor decisions on throws and not hitting his target. Did his receivers make mistakes? Of course. But still.

Brandon Marshall:
The man who was supposed to be the difference-maker on offense had just two catches for 24 yards. He wasn't connected with Cutler and had a drop in the end zone. Those are mistakes that cannot be made if the Bears expect to make the playoffs.

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