Weis: Fake Kid Cop Drove, Made Arrest

Seven officers to be punished over "outrageous" incident

The 14-year-old South Side boy who impersonated a police officer in January participated in making an arrest and drove without a license before he was finally found out, police Supt. Jody Weis said Tuesday.

Following an investigation, Weis said that seven sworn officers will face disciplininary action surrounding the incident.  Punishment could range from reprimands to suspensions or firing.

"The fact that this could happen is outrageous," Weis said of the Jan. 24 incident.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Weis can't reveal the precise punishment for six officers, who must be notified individually and given an opportunity to challenge the allegations, under union rules.

Investigators said the teen, dressed in a regulation uniform, entered a South Side police station through an unlocked back door. He then rode around in a squad car for five hours and drove for two. He never had a badge or a ticket book, and it's unclear where he got the uniform.  He was discovered after officers noticed his uniform lacked a regulation star.

A seperate investigation is still underway into how a picture was taken of the subject while he was in a holding cell at the 3rd district.

"This was a very serious breach. We dodged a bullet on this one," Weis told the Police and Fire Committee last month.

The boy's name hasn't been released. He's pleaded not guilty in juvenile court.

The teen is no longer in custody but must wear an electronic monitoring device.

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