Warm-Up Could Bring 60-Degree Temperatures Next Week

Temperatures could reach the mid-50s and up to 60 degrees by Wednesday

This week could be the last time Chicago sees snow on the ground this year.

A significant warm-up comes to the Chicago area this weekend, bringing springtime temperatures of up to 60 degrees next week. The last time temperatures were that high in Chicago was Nov. 10.

The cold snap currently gripping the city is expected to move out Friday, but not before temperatures fall below zero once again overnight. Wind chill values Thursday night and Friday morning could reach the negative teens, but the warm-up begins during the day Friday.

Temperatures will reach a high of 30 degrees Friday followed by highs in the low 40s Saturday and Sunday. There's a chance for light rain midday Saturday, but otherwise skies will be mostly clear.

The heat wave is expected to amp up at the beginning of the week, with a high of 43 degrees Monday and 52 degrees Tuesday.

By Wednesday, certain parts of the Chicago area could see 60 degrees and sun.

The predicted high temperature for Chicago and Northwest Indiana is 56 degrees Wednesday. In south and southwest suburban Chicago, temperatures will be around 60 degrees.

With several days of sun and above-zero temperatures, the snow that remains on the ground from a frigid, snowy February will likely be completely gone by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, snow storms continue to ravage the East Coast, causing more than 300 flight cancelations at Chicago airports Thursday.

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