Villa Park Teenage Lifeguard Saves Boy on First Day

On her first day as a lifeguard, 15-year-old Katie Karcz rescued a boy from a pool in Villa Park

It’s not every day a teenager can save a life on their first day on the job.

That's what happened to 15-year-old new lifeguard Katie Karcz.

Earlier this week Karcz jumped into Villa Park’s Jefferson Pool to save a young boy.

According to the Daily Herald, the young boy sunk to the bottom of the pool after jumping off the diving board.

Karcz dove after him, putting her 30 hours of American Red Cross training to the test. She described her reaction to the paper as her instincts simply kicking in to remove any doubt of her skills.

Karcz’s act was swift enough that the swimmer did not need any serious medical attention, according to the paper.

The good deed was noticed by paramedics and Villa Park board meeting, where the Village President Deborah Bullwinkel called Karcz her hero.

The boy is in good condition following the incident. 

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