Video Shows Aide at Glenview Nursing Home Taunting Elderly Woman

Two nursing home aides were charged with disorderly conduct

A family has filed a lawsuit against a Glenview nursing home after a video posted to Snapchat revealed that an aide taunted one of their loved ones who has dementia. 

Joan Biebel said her 91-year-old mother, Margaret Collins, had a good experience at the Abington of Glenview until the disturbing video surfaced in Dec. 2018.

A video clip included a caption of an aide poking fun at the 91-year-old's dislike of hospital gowns. The video was shot by another aide.

“This was clearly orchestrated by these two individuals to humiliate, demean and bully my mom, and then to post on SnapChat for their friends as well," Collins said.

Both aides, Brayan Cortez and Jamie Montesa, were charged with disorderly conduct.

In addition, the Abington suspended the aides for six days and the family filed a civil lawsuit, seeking more than $1 million in damages.

The family’s attorney said the fact that the aides posted the video to social media makes the case especially disturbing.

"It's not just saying we’re getting enjoyment out of taking advantage of elderly women, it’s saying we think the audience would also get enjoyment," said Margaret Battersby Black, an attorney and partner with Levin & Perconti. 

Collins, the woman seen in the video, is now staying at a different nursing home. The ordeal is far from over for her family.

"I think the family, much like me, wants to know how many other times did this happen, and who did it happen to," Battersby Black said. 

NBC 5 reached out to the Abington of Glenview, and they sent our call to a complaint line. The Abington did not return our message seeking comment about the lawsuit.

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