VIDEO: Artist Paints Astonishing Portrait of Patrick Kane

Aurora-based artist Austin Ploch painted the portrait over the span of nine hours

Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane knows a thing or two about being fast, judging by his puck-handling abilities and ability to rip off his killer wrist shot, but even he would be impressed at the talent displayed by a local artist.

Austin Ploch, an artist from Aurora, has several drawings and paintings of members of the Blackhawks featured on his Facebook page, but for his painting of Kane, he took a bit of a different approach. He filmed a video of the process, which took about nine hours, and sped it up approximately 10,000 percent, set it to music, and posted it to YouTube.

Here, in all its glory, is the portrait that Ploch painted of the Hawks’ star:

For those of us who aren’t artistically talented, seeing the incredible detail that Ploch went to in shading in Kane’s face and jersey is astounding. The process was a long and challenging one, and the end product reflects just how much attention to detail Austin displayed.

Which player do you think Ploch should feature next, Hawks fans?

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