Unfair Meets Unbalanced

Reviews are in for Blago on Hannity

Did either Rod Blagojevich or Sean Hannity meet their match in their face-off Wednesday night? Let's take a look.

- "Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich received his most intense grilling yet," the Tribune reports

- "Turns out Hannity and Blagojevich have a lot in common: both are often criticized for a having problems with accuracy and vanity," the Daily Herald reports.

- "Hannity told Blagojevich that interviewers have been too easy on him," the AP reports.

- "If you thought the first part of his showdown with Sean was entertaining, get ready for round TWO tonight! (TRUST me, it gets even better)," Sean Hannity's intern reports.

- "The real question is: who's the real criminal," writes foodie at Spin Thicket. "Takes a sociopath to know one," writes quandry.

- "I've got to say . . . I think Hannity did a good job," writes Ellen at News Hounds. "He was very well prepared and he asked the good, tough questions without haranguing. Of course, Blago is a Democrat. He'd never face the same kind of tough questions if he were, say Tom DeLay. Hannity says it got very heated so presumably there's a Part 2 coming."

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