Trump Tower Resident Blinded By The Light

Condo owner complains of bright city lights

There's got to be some status in owning a condo in Chicago's new Trump Tower, but the novelty appears to have worn off for at least one resident.

Katie Tabox is living on the 37th floor of the towering high-rise and recently told the Chicago Tribune that she's seen the lights.

Bright lights, that is, and at all hours. 

Tarbox thought she was in "real estate heaven" but now feels like she's living in the "Seinfeld" episode when Kramer was tortured by a Kenny Rogers Roasters sign, the Trib says.

Tabox said she had not figured in the impact neighboring buildings would have on her new digs, or on her night's sleep. 

The Tribune reports that the offices of the prestigious law firm of Jenner & Block are lighted around the clock -- ten floors of lights, where hardworking professionals are at work 24 hours a day -- directly across from Tabox's condominium.

It's like having a premanent night light, she says, telling the paper that she's taken to sleeping with multiple eye masks just to get some shuteye.

The Tribune says Tabox is the only Trump resident to have complained about the lights. Perhaps the others are too busy installing light-blocking shades on their windows.

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