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Men With Bats, Hammers Invade Wedding Shower

Nearly a dozen people injured when several people dressed in black barged in and began attacking



    Men With Bats, Hammers Invade Wedding Shower

    Men with bats and hammers stormed into a Tinley Park restaurant and began attacking those gathered for a wedding shower.

    "They came running through and they started hitting people with bats and hammers," said 22-year-old
    Lauryn Drozd from Georgia.

    The event, at the Ashford House Restaurant on 159th Street, was a wedding shower for her brother's fiancée, she said.

    Drozd said several people, all dressed in black, stormed in, began shouting and attacking people.

    "They had their hoods up, long sweatshirts on. I mean, you didn't see any -- I didn't see hair color or anything," she said. "Everybody was just screaming. They weren't saying certain things or anything like that. There was so much going on you couldn't hear everybody talking."

    Approximately 10 people were injured in the attack, and three were taken to local hospitals, according to the police release. The rest of the injured declined treatment.

    The attack is under investigation by the Tinley Park Police Department and the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force. Police believe the incident is isolated and not random.