Taste's Turkey Leg Saved

Manny's Deli will reincarnate Helen's bbq turkey legs

In these tough times -- times of sacrifice and penny pinching -- the promise of summer and, for many, Chicago's summer food fest, The Taste of Chicago, helps us power through.

But there was concern when Helen's Restaurant closed its doors on the South SIde and fans of her two-pound turkey leg feared the menu favorite would disappear, not just from the South Side, but from The Taste.

Fret not. WBBM radio reported today that Manny's Coffee and Deli has agreed to serve up the Taste's star attraction.

"It's huge. It's going to take two to three semi's of legs back and forth." said Ken Raskin, Owner of Manny's. "We're excited. I have a lot to learn."

It's going to be Manny's first time as a vendor at the Taste. Raskin says the turkey leg is a bang for your buck and worth the money.

"It's unique to the Taste." said Raskin.

He said he hired a "turkey leg consultant" to help make the transition a success and to help with the logistics, WBBM said.

"He's handled the turkey legs for years...festivals are his forte." said Raskin.

Last year, festival-goers ate 148,000 pounds of turkey legs during the 10-day event.


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