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Suburban Server Surprised With $2,020 Tip

Social media movement strikes Jelly Cafe in Mount Prospect

Nikki Formanski

It wasn't Donnie Wahlberg, but a regular customer who shocked her server at a suburban cafe with a $2,020 tip.

It happened this week at Jelly Cafe in Mount Prospect to server Nikki Formanski.

In an interview with the Daily Herald, Formanski said the tipper was one of her regulars, calling her "just a nice old lady" who didn't want to be identified.

The Herald reports Formanski has been working at the cafe, taking over for her wife, since the couple had a baby several months ago.

The significance of the number is a reference to the #2020TipChallenge. It gained attention in the Chicago area after celebrity couple Donnie Wahlberg, and Jenny McCarthy gave a similar tip to a server at an IHOP restaurant in St. Charles on New Year's Day.

"I was completely in shock," Formanski told the Daily Herald. "You see that stuff happening all the time, but you didn't think it would happen to you." She said the money will help her growing family catch up on bills mounting with a new baby at home.

Cafe owner Kaitlin Kretsch told the Daily Herald she hoped the gesture inspires others to give back, however they can.

Nikki Formanski
Owner of Jelly Cafe, Kaitlin Kretsch, hopes what happened to her server inspires others to give back.
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