Southwest Plane Lands At Wrong Airport

Officials said 124 passengers and five crew members were on flight 4013

A Southwest Airlines plane originating from Chicago's Midway International Airport landed at the wrong airport Sunday.

Flight #4013 was supposed to land at Branson Airport in Missouri, but instead landed at Taney Airport.
About eight miles separate the two airports, but Taney's runway is far shorter, at about 3,700 feet long. Branson's runway is nearly twice as long.

Southwest officials confirmed the incident involving the Boeing 737-700 but said the landing was "uneventful."

At least one passenger who spoke with NBC News disagreed.

"You could feel like something was wrong but we just thought it was maybe turbulence. Or at least I did," the female passenger said. "Then we hit the runway really hard and really fast. We stopped and then all of a sudden you just smelled rubber, really strong, like through the whole cabin."

Flight tracking website said the Southwest flight landed at 6:11 p.m. Sunday. It was partly cloudy and in the high 50s in Branson at that time.

Officials said 124 passengers and five crew members were on the flight. A ground crew from the Branson airport was sent to Taney Airport to process the passengers and their baggage.

Federal aviation officials said they would investigate.

It's the second time in less than two months that a large jet has landed at the wrong airport.
In November, a Boeing 747 that was supposed to deliver parts to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kan., landed 9 miles north at Col. James Jabara Airport. That plane was flown by a two-person crew and had no passengers.

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