How to Find Rental Car Rates That Won't Drive You Crazy

Website scours for coupons, automatically adjusts rates

When it comes to travel, finding cheap airfare is only half the battle.  What happens when you get there?  Rental car rates can set any cost-conscious commuter back and burn a hole in the budget unless you know where and how to find the best deals.

"Most people don’t realize rates fluctuate wildly day to day," said Johnathan Weinberg of

The website aims to do all the legwork so you won’t be taken for a ride. You simply go to the site and book your reservation.  Autoslash does all the heavy lifting, scouring for the best coupon codes and discounts offered by the rental car companies that are applicable to your situation.

"Immediately after booking we generally can save consumers money 75 percent of the time," said Weinberg.  

The rates are also tracked several times during the day, and if the price drops, Autoslash will automatically re-book your reservation at the lower price.

"No other site does that today," he said.
The site is similar to, which tracks airfares for consumers.  Weinberg said Autoslash can often save consumers half the cost.  

"We have consumers initially booking at $300 dollars and are paying less than $140 for their rental," he said.

And the earlier one books their reservation, the better. 

In one month, consumers can see six or seven price drops.  Often, but not always, rates will drop as the pick-up date approaches.
Other sites like Hotwire and Priceline also offer reduced rates, but Weinberg says with his site you can cancel at anytime without penalty, and you don’t pay up front.  You only open  your wallet when you pick up your car at the counter. 

Weinberg said that as a savvy traveler, he was always doing this for his friends. Finally, he decided to make it his business.

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