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Shocking surveillance video shows man violently attacked, robbed in broad daylight in Bucktown

The violent and shocking attack, caught on surveillance video, appeared to last nearly two minutes

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Chicago police are investigating after a man was beaten during a violent, surprise attack and robbery Monday in broad daylight while walking in an alleyway in the city's Bucktown neighborhood.

The incident, caught on surveillance video, occurred at 2:55 p.m. Monday in the 2000 block of North Damen.

According to police, 33-year-old man was walking down the street when he was approached by two male suspects who began beating him. The suspects continued battering him while he lay on the ground, police said. They then stole allegedly stole the man's personal items before fleeing the scene on foot.

Shocking surveillance video from the incident shows two males dressed in black on a street and outside an alley as cars drive by. One of the males appeared to be wearing a face and head covering, the video showed.

A different angle of the surveillance video showed the 33-year-old man, who appears to be eating a slice of pizza, walking down an alleyway as he passes the two suspects. One of the suspects then runs up to the victim and begins beating him from the side until the man falls into a fence.

The video then shows the second suspect running up and attempting to grab the victim's backpack as the first suspect continues to punch and kick the man.

Both suspects continue to kick and punch the man, who is then dragged by them to the other side of the alley and up against garbage cans.

The victim, who remained on the ground, can be heard screaming.

One of the suspects is seen stomping on the victim before both walk off with the man's backpack.

Debris, clothing and shoes from the victim remained scattered across the alley.

In total, the video shows the encounter and attack lasting nearly two minutes.

Police initially said there were no injuries reported. However, a later update from police said the victim was transported to a nearby hospital and last listed in stable condition.

According to police, no one was in custody.

The attack comes amid a string of both armed and violent robberies across neighborhoods in Chicago, including on college campuses as well as in Lincoln Park, Garfield Park, Irving Park, downtown and more. In one instance, AT&T employees at a store near Bucktown were tied up with zip ties and held at gunpoint before suspects made off with cell phone and other electronics.

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