Several Balconies Closed Off at Chicago's Iconic Marina Towers

The balconies of Chicago’s iconic Marina City hold some of the most spectacular views of the city, but many residents are now unable to go on them.

Several balconies are now covered in warning signs after the landmark buildings failed a city inspection. Now, a major construction project is underway, with more than $2 million being spent to replace the railings and repair the balconies.

“It’s an unfortunate time for it to happen being as how Chicago is known for going outside for the few months we have,” said resident Brian Smetana.

It’s not clear how long the fix will take, though building managers hope the work will be completed by the end of the year. Until the repairs are complete the balconies are off limits.

“While this means some residents will have limited access to their balconies for portions of this year,” DK Condo said in a statement, “the repairs will ensure the continued safety and enjoyment of this iconic design feature.”

The famous corn-cobbed Marina Towers were granted preliminary landmark status last summer, and they were in the national spotlight when daredevil Nik Wallenda completed a heart-stopping tight-rope walk between the buildings. 

While some residents say the construction is at the very least an inconvenience, others are happy improvements will made for their safety.

“I wish they had done it in the winter, but that wasn’t going to happen,” said resident Kathy Bataol, who has lived in Marina City for 30 years. “So it’s fine. Next year, there is always next year."

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