Senior Prom: Gown, Tux, Flowers, Breathalyzers

School plans to crackdown on prom drinking

Some prom-goers in Northwest Indiana may face stiffer guidelines for their attendance at one high school's annual event, after nearly two dozen seniors were expelled for arriving intoxicated to prom last spring. 

Lake Central school officials in St. John, Ind.,  want to greet giddy students dressed in glittering gowns and tuxedos on prom night -- but the celebration must be alcohol- and drug-free.

An events committee at the high school is developing guidelines to ensure large dances sponsored by the school are conducted in a safe and orderly manner. That means there is a possibility Breathalyzers may be used before a student enters prom or other events to deter underage student drinking, Superintendent Gerald Chabot said.

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