Senator Burris Speaks Up

Burris urges confirmation for attorney general nominee

For the first time since his swearing-in, Sen. Roland Burris on Monday did what senators do best – gave a long speech.

Burris delivered his remarks on the floor of the Senate, urging the confirmation of Eric Holder, the nominee for U.S. attorney general.

Burris said speaking as a senator was an honor he "neither sought nor expected," and spoke for several minutes about how his father sought to integrate a public swimming pool in his hometown of Centralia.

Illinois' newest senator said his father's quest for justice required the help of "responsive and responsible" community leaders, calling Eric Holder just such a man.

Holder will "open the gates of Justice," as attorney general, Burris said.  "I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting this outstanding nominee."

Read Burris' complete remarks below:

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