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Lollapalooza Security Remains on Alert as More Gate-Crashers Attempt to Get Into Festival

More people tried to gain illegal entry into the festival on Saturday

For the second day in a row, groups of people attempted to scale or knock over fences around Lollapalooza in Grant Park in an effort to gain entry into the event, according to Chicago police.

On Friday afternoon, social media videos showed more than 50 people attempting to breach barriers erected around the four-day festival, but police were able to prevent any of those individuals from gaining entry into the festival.

According to a statement issued Saturday, some individuals were able to make unauthorized entry into the park, but were quickly located and ejected by security personnel.

“Our officers and event security responded to the incidents and resolved them immediately,” police said in a statement. “The fences have been re-established, no one was injured, and our security adjustments have resulted in significant reductions in gate-crashing incidents during the festival in recent years.”

After Friday’s breach attempts went viral, Chicago police said they would step up patrols around the perimeter of Grant Park and bike patrols on the inside of the massive festival.

After a group of people tried breaking through security barriers at Lollapalooza, Chicago police are stepping up patrols and security, as NBC 5’s Patrick Fazio reports. 

While numbers for Saturday were not immediately available, police say that nine individuals were arrested on Friday at the event, and a total of 38 people were transported from Grant Park by emergency personnel for health-related issues.

“Our first priority is always the safety of festival-goers, staff and performers,” police said in a statement.

Police say the “vast majority” of gate-crashing attempts have been unsuccessful, and security personnel will continue to reinforce barriers around the park.

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