Gunfire, Confusion and Outrage Rampant in Video of Robbins November Bar Shooting

The video released Monday shows the initial shooting inside the bar, but not the police shooting.

Video was released Monday of what happened the night police mistakenly shot and killed a nightclub security guard named Jamel Roberson.

An officer responding from nearby Midlothian killed Roberson last November when he was subduing a gunman after a shooting at Manny's Bar in Robbins where he worked as a security guard.

The video released Monday shows the initial shooting inside the bar, but not the police shooting. Cellphone video from witnesses shows the aftermath in the bar’s parking lot.

“Damn! Police are shooting people,” a voice in the video shouts.

“He just blew him down," a voice says. "He just killed that boy."

One of the first officers on the scene shot and killed a security guard.

Police recorded witnesses after the chaos on their body cameras.

“He said ‘I’m detaining the suspect’ and then boom, boom, boom,” one witness told police.

A security guard says his co-worker was detaining the bar shooter when police arrived.

“He had his gun, still out holding the offender on the ground," the guard said of Roberson. "My officer here, he tell him to drop his gun. I’m telling him he’s working with us. Cool out. He’s working with us. He shot him 4 or 5 times."

As Roberson lies on the ground, voices cry out.

“Get somebody to help him out," a voice shouts.

Police tell the crowd they need to secure the scene first.

“Why is he still lying on the ground," a voice demands.

An officer responds.

“The ambulance won’t come in here with this many people out," he can be heard saying on video.

Five others including the original gunman were shot in the incident.

Officers call for ambulances as they try to calm the crowd about the police shooting.

"It was wrong, bro!" one man shouts.

An officer responds "then he's going to be held accountable."

The incident is being investigated by the Cook County Sheriff's police and the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit.

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