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Removed Trump Street Signs Now Missing: Report

The Chicago Department of Transportation doesn’t know what happened to the honorary “Trump Plaza” street signs that were taken down by city workers in December, the Chicago Tribune reports.

“I don’t know what happened to them,” transportation spokesman Michael Claffey told the Tribune in an email.

Claffey reportedly didn’t know what the city had planned for the signs, or whether they had already been destroyed.

The Chicago City Council voted in November to remove street signs honoring President Donald Trump's riverfront hotel and condominium tower as a response to the Republican’s incendiary rhetoric and comments about the city’s violence.

The measure claimed Trump was running a “hateful, racist campaign against immigrants and minorities” and that the president had a “complete disregard for civil liberties dating back to the 1970s,” according to the report.

In October, Mayor Rahm Emanuel supported the move, but pushed for a more direct response to Trump’s candidacy.

“Don’t just take his sign down,” the mayor said. “Let’s make sure we mobilize and get out and vote because this is a very important and big election."

Emanuel accepted a $50,000 campaign contribution from Trump in 2010. After the City Council voted to remove the honorary Trump signs in October, the mayor refused to return the billionaire's money.

“We’re not going to put money from a 5-year old donation back into Donald Trump’s pocket today, and we’re not going to stop denouncing everything he says,” Emanuel campaign spokesman Pete Giangreco said in a November statement obtained by the Tribune.

Ald. Brendan Reilly, who led the push to remove the signs, faulted Trump for painting a “distorted caricature of Chicago."

Reilly received a $500 contribution from Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts Holdings in 2008 and $5,000 from Trump in 2010. The alderman promised to return any contributions he received from the billionaire after the November election.

"Based on what Mr. Trump now represents, I don't want his money," Reilly said in October.

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