Bartender Fired Over Racist Facebook Post

Chicago woman defends right to free speech, nightclub disagrees


A Chicago woman has learned the hard way that what you say on your personal Facebook page can have a detrimental effect at work.

It all started when a Proof nightclub bartender posted a status update on her Facebook page. NBC Chicago has decided not to name the bartender in question. 

"Wow, so insane how one race of people can be so [expletive deleted] incompetent and disgusting," the post read.

The Facebook post prompted a conversation between the female bartender and her Facebook friends, which included perjorative phrases like "porch monkeys," "apes" as well as threats of violence toward black people. (View full conversation on

The manager of Proof nightclub, Zoe Gainey,  jumped into the conversation reminding the bartender to mind her manners on the social media platform.

"Hey Hitler," Gainey's message said. "This is in violation of your social media contract, please remove it ASAP."

The bartender replied: "R U joking? I have a life outside of the club."

Apparently the club owners thought the bartender's life outside of the club did have an affect at work, because she was fired from her position.

Proof owner Mike Bloem released the following statement to

"Proof would like to confirm its belief in equality, fairness and tolerance to all our friends and partners. Sadly, on occasion, we are all exposed to ignorance and racism. We believe that by continuing to be true to our ideals and leading through our actions that each of us can be an agent for positive change."

The incident has gone viral, prompting a mixed reaction. Most people denounced the racist rantings with some defending her right to free speech.

But the whole incident may have soured the now-unemployed bartender on social media, as she has appeared to deactivate her Facebook page.

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