Popcorn Recipe Clogs The Pipes

Caramel and grease from suburban factory cause blockage in sewage line

The long lines that form outside some Chicago popcorn shops are testament to how much we love the sweet, crunchy snack. But for one north suburban factory, the tasty ingredients caused nothing but trouble.

The North Shore Sanitary District determined that the waste from The Popcorn Factory in Lake Forest caused a local sewage line to overflow back in July.

"Caramel and grease. Part of a batch got flushed through, and it solidified in the sewer, which caused a blockage," Dave Miller, assistant general manager for the monitoring agency, told the Chicago Tribune.

The company's chief operating officer, Alan Petrik, explained that some caramel accidentally slipped into a local sewer during a routine cleaning.

The factory will have to detail plans to install degreasing equipment by December 5 as well as pay the $2,195 it cost to unclog the line. Discussions with sanitary district officials about new filtering equipment have already taken place last week.

"We'll put some enhanced equipment in to eradicate any future risks," said Petrik.

Fortunately, homes and businesses in the area were not affected by the blockage.

But let this be a lesson to you: don't let your popcorn... go to waste.

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