2 Planes Clip Wings at O'Hare

None of the 18 passengers, 3 crew on board smaller plane injured

No injuries were reported after a 747 cargo jet Thursday clipped the tail of an American Eagle regional jet that was completing its arrival at a gate at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

The 18 passengers and three crew members, who were already at the gate, deplaned like normal, American Eagle spokeswoman Mary Frances Fagan said.  

Both planes were on the ground during the impact. 

"The people on the left side of the aircraft, as I was, looked over and saw the front of -- the bow -- of this huge 747, green and white, and it turned out to be a cargo [plane]," said passenger Bruce Macarthur.

Chicago Department of Aviation spokeswoman Karen Pride said American Eagle Flight 4265 from Springfield, Mo., was at Gate G20 when EVA Cargo Flight 661 taxied by and clipped the tail. 

"I actually was sitting next to an American Airlines pilot... and he said, 'Oh boy. What do we have here?' recalled passenger Scott Proposki.

A Chicago fire department spokesman said the incident is considered a minor contact. Fagan said the American Eagle plane has been taken out of service. The fire department will remain on the scene to investigate.

Macarthur admitted the incident taught him a lesson.

"I tend to cheat while taking my seat belt off a little early so I can jump up and get my bags. That won't happen again, I guarantee it," he said.

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