Siblings Share Birthday, but They're Not Triplets

One suburban family has three children that share the same birthday -- Dec. 30 -- but the kids aren't triplets.

The youngest is just two days old. The oldest is six.

According to statisticians, the odds of that happening are 7.5 in a million -- or 133,000 to one. And Patricia Pissios said she should have played the lottery.

Pissios and her husband Alex weren't due to delivery baby William until the Jan. 1, but William had other plans. He now shares a birthday with a brother, Spiros, who just turned 6, and Georgia, who just turned 5.

Another sibling, 2-year-old Olympia, gets a birthday all to her own: Oct. 11.

"What can I say? You can't believe it can happen three times in a row," said Alex Pissios.

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